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Virtual Wallet And Online Payment Solution

As one of the IT Solution Providers in Philippines that provides virtual wallet and online payment solution, we can say that our product addressed almost all aspects of online payment transactions. Our product can be customized to cater any online games, online store, remittances, and other online payment transactions.

Here are the features of our virtual wallet system:

Wallet System:

  • Each members will have an virtual wallet where their funds will be keep.
    • The wallet supports different currencies.
    • The members can keep any currencies and can convert their other currencies to another currencies to be able to pay anything based on the currencies that the receiver wish to.
  • Funding of wallets will be possible via wire transfer, bank deposit, prepaid card or credit card.
  • Members can use it to transfer funds to another members or pay the merchants.

Online Payments:

  • Inside the system.
    • Members can send payments to the merchants using the fund transfer module.
    • They can setup a recurring transactions by monthly or semi-monthly.
  • Outside the system.
    • Merchant will be given an API where they can put the Payment Checkout Form to their online stores or websites so that the consumers can select it as a payment gateway to pay the items.
    • If the consumers are members of the Online Wallet System, the Checkout form will show their current balance in their wallet and can use it to pay the merchants, but will also have an option to use their Credit Card to pay it.
    • If the consumers are not yet member of the Online Wallet system, they can use the Credit Card option so they can pay the merchant.
    • Payments to the merchant will credited to their wallet inside the system.


  • Consumers and Merchants can withdraw their funds in the following options:
    • Thru their Debit Cards so they can easily withdraw it in any ATM machines with MasterCard or use it to purchase in any store which accepts MasterCard.
    • Thru wire transfer to their bank which they register inside the system
    • Thru their local bank via deposit or bank transfer.
  • All the transactions are subject for a fee depends on the options they have selected.

Prepaid Card Loading:

  • The system has an option to fund their wallet using a prepaid card in different value of points.
  • Members can buy the prepaid card with a certain points and load it to the system.
  • Points are convertible to amount so from points, they can convert it to USD and funded their wallet.
  • Points is use for consumers and affiliates.
    • Affiliates will help to get consumers and merchants to be a member of the Online Wallet System, a marketing scheme for Online Wallet system.
    • Affiliates will earn points every time they referred consumers or merchants.
    • Consumers will earn points in every transactions (optional), this is also a marketing scheme to use the Payment Gateway.

Transaction History:

  • All members will have a facility where they can monitor and check their transactions.
  • All kinds of transactions will be logged for reporting purposes.

Admin Facility:

  • Manage and monitor members inside the system.
  • Manage and monitor all the transactions.
  • Manage the fees for each transactions.
    • Each members will have a levels and the levels will determine how much the fees will be charge for using the system.
    • All fees will depend on the transaction types such as:
      • Fund Transfer Fees
      • Debit Card Fees
      • Payment Checkout Fees
      • Deposit Fees
      • Withdrawal Fees
      • and others
    • Manage the transaction limits.
      • Each members will have a levels and the levels will determine the transaction limits for each transactions such as:
        • Limiting fund transfer transactions per day, week or months
        • Limiting withdrawal per day, week or months
        • and others
      • Manage the email templates which the system use to send notifications to the members.
      • Manage the Exchange Rate Fees.
        • This will determine how much is the fees per currency conversions.
        • The system use exchange-rate API from Europe and Canadian bank.
          • There is a monthly fee for using this API and the fees are depends on how many request per months, but this one will be covered by the fees configured inside the system
        • Manage the incentive points system for earning points.
        • Manage the module access rights even on the membership side.
        • Manage Customer Support Users and Rights.