City Health And Financial Support Management System


City Health And Financial Support Management System is use to manage, monitor, and track all health care benefits and financial support to all the resident of Pasay City


  • Member Database Management
    • Managing dependents of each members
      • Imposing one card one family only
    • Tracking residency of each card holders
    • Plans, coverage and history of transactions
    • Tracking of senior citizens
    • Tracking of available and consumed balance of each card holders
    • Monitoring the validity of the each members plan
  • Financial Management
    • Tracking of all transactions and upcoming billings
    • Tracking of “as of” available funds for the program as well as the current expenses for the program
    • Generate transactions history
  • Customized Reporting
    • Current billings
    • Upcoming billings
  • Funeral Management System
    • Funeral assistant for a qualified resident
    • Management the fund assistant for the grieving family