Our Information Technology Services

Our process is simple, contoured and organized, without any clutter. We are also one of the digital marketing company in philippines that provides effective approached in helping any organizations to have a better rankings in terms of online presence and search engine results.

IT Strategy

We guide individual and businesses in exploring the best strategies to use for their target requirements and needs.

Software Design

As we understand that each individual and business have unique requirements, our analysts collaborate to meet each clients individual needs.

Software Development

We approach each client as unique; thus, providing them a customized and specialized software application to meet the objectives of their organization.

Website Development

Nowadays, having a website is a must to boost your company identity. It acts as business cards and brochures to any organization, hence, we make powerful, effective and secured websites to promote anyone's business and identity over the internet.

SEO Optimization

We are not just here to help you create and put-up your website, we can also put you on the top of the Search Engine Rankings to make your business and services stand-out among the rest.​

Online Reputation Management

We all know that people are talking about you, your organization, your business, or your services. We can help you to manage, monitor and control your online reputation specially from those who are trying to degrade your reputation.

Cyber Security

We provides security measures to defend your organization from any form of cyber attacks by protecting your networks, hardwares, servers, applications and data from any kind of potential breaches.

Penetration Testing

We do penetration testing to simulate cyber attacks against your network, computer systems, websites and web applications to check for any exploitable vulnerabilities.

Computer Forensics

We do computer forensics and investigations to help any individual or organization to gather and analyze information about computer breaches, cyber attacks and hacking to be able to track perpetrators and collect evidences.

The system they've developed for us make a big difference in terms of monitoring and management of our beneficiaries for health care services in our city.

Ms. Leah
LGU Health Care Specialist

When we planned to implement a paperless solution in our department, they are the one who helped us designing and developing our document tracking system.

Mr. Joseph
Documention Specialist

Having a multiple clinics on different locations, it is hard to monitor and manage our medicine inventories. With their expertise, we have now an efficient system that we use to manage our inventories.

Dra. Padilla

For 3 months, I was looking for someone who can help me in removing my sexy pictures all over the internet that hinders my application in one of the largest airline company which has strict policies when it comes to employees reputation and image as it might causes bad reps to their company. And then my friend introduced me to Bytes2Bits team. It only took them 3 days to clean it all. Thanks to Bytes2Bits team. Now, I don’t need to worry anymore!

Ms. Photogenic

We have a client in the US who is looking for an SEO expert that can build up their website SEO and be one of the top in search engine results using keywords that they want. We hired Bytes2Bits team to help us doing this campaign and in just a couple of weeks, we are on the first page result, and we even got quality backlinks in just a few weeks.

Mr. Consultant
Digital Marketing Consultant

As a successful entrepreneur and a businesswoman, you can't avoid below-the-belt-attack from competitors to the point that if you search my name, you can find hate campaigns against me. I asked my friend's help and he referred me to Bytes2Bits. So I called Bytes2Bits and told them about the problem I am dealing with. They told me to give them a month to do it, but in just 1 week, all of the negative propagandas has been vanished from the search engine results. Well, they said it is still there but it will take you more tabs to click to see it.

Mrs. Businesswoman
Entrepreneur / Businesswoman