MyKlinika – Online Clinic Management System

MyKlinika is a customized online clinic management system in Philippines use to organize, manage and monitors patient records as well as medicines and medical supplies inventory of a clinic. This is a cloud-based application where you can manage and monitor as many clinics as you can by defining groups per site or clinic. This is designed for mobile doctors who manage multiple clinics in different locations.


  • Patient Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Medicine Management and Inventory
  • Clinic Supply Management and Inventory
  • POS
  • HMO Billings and Tracking
  • Patient Login (Optional)
    • Queue for an Appointment
    • View visit history
  • Reports
    • Sales
    • Income


  • Each type of users will have specific access rights
    • Doctor
      • Access to patient records, histories and be able to enter checkup form details, diagnosis, problems, prescriptions and other checkup related information
    • Secretary
      • Access to queue patients, process payments and manage POS
    • Patients (Limited Access)
      • Access to their appointment history
      • Be able to queue themselves for an appointment


  • Patient Demographics
    • Name, Address, Birthdate,  Contacts
  • Medical History
  • Checkup History
    • Problems
    • Diagnosis
    • Prescriptions
    • Procedures
  • Attachments
    • Pictures such as before and after and progresses
    • Videos
    • External Document Records


  • Patient queuing
    • Date/Time Queued
    • Patient Name
    • Appointment Type
    • Problem
  • Currently Attending
    • List of patient that is currently attending by the doctor
  • Attended
    • List of patient that has been attended and checked-out
    • Payment information
    • HMO Information (if needed)


  • Manage Medicine Inventory and Sales
    • Can be able to manage multiple clinics inventory
  • Tracking of In and Out of Medicine
  • View available stock-on-hand per clinics