Barangay Records and Information Management System


BYTES2BITS is a Software Development Company in Philippines who offers comprehensive system to help Barangay in managing their day to day activities. It helps to eliminate manual processing and implement a paperless transactions and an effective way to gather necessary data and information.   

Our product, Barangay Records and Information Management System (BRIMS), will provide the solution to all the identified problems of your manual system. We approach each client as unique and provides an in-depth understanding of your needs and priorities; thus, providing you a customized and specialized software application to meet the objectives of your organization.

Listed below are our product components:

  • Barangay Records (record of all the barangay residence)
    • Resident File
      • Contact Information
      • Identification
      • Family Information
      • Educational Information
      • Job History
      • Barangay Records
      • Medical History
    • Vicinity Address (record of streets with in the barangay)
      • Residential Street
      • Commercial Street
    • Barangay Properties (record of barangay properties and equipments)
    • Barangay Projects (record of barangay project “ On-going , Completed and Pending)
    • Barangay Events (record of barangay upcoming and completed events)
    • Barangay Permits (record of businesses within the barangay and automatic printing of barangay permit for the business name)
    • Barangay Incident (record of the barangay incident report or blotter)
  • Barangay Reports
    • Barangay Population (total population record of the barangay)
    • Number of Voters (total record of voters in the barangay)
    • Precincts Assignment (precincts assignment record of the barangay residents)
    • Medical History (summary record of barangay residents medical history)



The main purpose of this system is to provide an electronic storage of all related and official information of a resident in a Barangay and the Barangay itself.

It is proposed as well to serve as a main data source of a Barangay records and to offer a Barangay the most comprehensible, organize and convenient way of Record and Report Management – through easy and fast way of saving and retrieving records.


  • Barangay Records and Information System is an electronic encoding system where information of a Barangay and its residents can be recorded. This system will help a Barangay to organize and monitor their records the easiest way.
  • Reduced the time spent in storing and retrieving information.
  • Reduced paper works and eliminate redundancy of works and records.
  • Stores data in a most secured place.
  • Record all the Barangay properties.
  • Cope up to modern technology.